Not every lovestory has a happy ending..

It's a long time ago since my last blog.

In my previous blogs I hoped for such a long time that Daniel wants to come back to me..
And now.. The time came.
And I couldn't take him back.

I'm so sorry about it.
He looked so hurt when I told him that yesterday.
I hate to see him like that, it makes me feel miserable..
Because although I can't be with him again, I still care about him.

And the only reason I can't take him back is that I can't handle the fact, that he had a girlfriend in between...
I hope someone understands me? ..Because he didn't.
He said: Everyone has a ex-girlfriend..
And it's true.. But she was a kind of replacement of me.. And it feels strange..
I can't be with him again.. maybe later.. when enough time passed by.

The most beautiful thing he said yeserday:
Me: You were my first love..
He: And I want to be your only one
I love you.
18.11.08 19:45

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