He met the other girl more than one time in the last week.

I'm so scared she'll become his new girlfriend.
I asked him yesterday... And we talked for a while.. and everything he said sound like that there's nothing going on between them. But he destroyed everything he said just because he didn't want to answer the simple question: What's going on with her and you?

He said: It's not my right to know such things.
And I know, he's right, but I thought he would like me so much that he wants to calm me down.
But he didn't.
And I'm not sure what hurts the most.. that he has probably soon a new girlfriend or that he didn't answered my question.
But I'm definitly hurt.
So much.

I hate it.. I don't want to feel these feelings for him anymore.
I reached my limit to stand the pain..
Wish I could forget him.
Wish I could hate him.
Wish he wants me back.
Wish we'll get a second chance.
Wish we would love each other again.

I just wanna be happy again.
15.7.08 00:17

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